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What are the 12 Factors of the Talent Transformation Pyramid?

The 12 Factors of the Talent Transformation Pyramid:

  • Performance Outcome
  • Readiness
  • Behaviors 
  • Competencies
  • Capabilities
  • Situation
  • Environment
  • Personality
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Experiences
  • Functional Skills
  • Physical and Cognitive Abilities

Where do attitudes fit into the model?

Attitudes are underpinned by an individuals' Personality which includes traits, values, motives, and preferences and modified by emotional intelligence. However, attitudes in the workplace are mostly driven by the Situation. As an example - an individual might have a positive outlook on life but, due to constant criticisms in the workplace, they have more of a negative disposition when at work. 

Where does motivation fit into the model?

Motivation is underpinned by an individuals' Personality which includes traits, values, motives, and preferences. Motivation at work is driven by the tasks that they are being asked to perform, the Situation and to a lesser extent the incentives.

Do Performance Outcomes relate to individuals, teams or an organization?

All of the above! The model was conceived to help discussions related to Performance Outcomes and Readiness at a high level, i.e. team and organization, however, practitioners will find the model most useful when thinking about individuals.  

How does the Situation impact behaviors?

In the model Situation is considered as the set of circumstances, such as culture, behavioral norms, psychological safety, etc. that support or undermine behaviors. An individual that behaves one way in one situation might behave differently in another situation. An easy way to think about how you might behave differently in the following situations:

  • At a formal restaurant
  • At a fast food restaurant
  • In the workplace
  • In a social setting
  • At a rock concert
  • At a wedding
  • With a policeman  
  • On a plane with a screaming child beside you

You are inherently the same person, however, the situation encouraged you to behave differently. 

How do you measure each of the 12 factors?

We are building resources to promote understanding of how to measure each of the 12 factors.

How is the Talent Transformation Pyramid Useful?

The Talent Transformation Pyramid is a model that helps I simply complexity and visualize something that cannot be seen. The model helps understand the factors that support and influence readiness and performance.  

The Talent Transformation Pyramid is NOT useful to help to determine is an individual is ready for promotion. And the Talent Transformation Pyramid is NOT a tool that can help suggest appropriate career paths. 

To learn more about  the Talent Transformation Pyramid check out the Talent Transformation Guild and the Talent Transformation Pyramid White Paper.

How can I share my questions and thoughts?

We are building resources to help provide more ways for individuals to engage in the conversation. For the moment please feel free to use the "Feedback" menu option to provide us with your questions, thoughts and feedback.

To learn more and to connect with the Talent Transformation community consider joining the Talent Transformation Guild.