Talent Transformation

- How to Select and Use Assessments for Personal, Team, and Organizational Development

August 31, 2019

BY Eric Shepherd and Joan Phaup

We are pleased to introduce you to the " Talent Transformation" book that we're busy writing and hope to publish in early 2020. 

The book will focus on how to select and use assessments for the personal, team and organizational development. It aims to help human resources professionals, personal coaches, and consultants navigate an increasingly technological workplace in which assessments of everything from knowledge and job skills to opinions and attitudes play a crucial role.

The book will offer a clear, comprehensive guide to assessing personality traits, emotional intelligence, functional skills, behaviors, capabilities, and other factors that determine readiness to perform and actual performance. Its holistic framework, which defines these factors and explains their interactions, helps readers target the factors most relevant to the needs of a given workforce.

Moreover, in recognition of the importance of individual and team engagement, Talent Transformation explains how to use surveys to discover current perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors, and how survey results can empower interventions and coaching that help develop environments in which people enjoy learning, working, and collaborating.

Finally, the book will examine a future workplace in which machines will accomplish tasks traditionally performed by humans. Readers will learn how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of this coming digital transformation. The insights they gain will help them use assessments that address the talent, knowledge, dispositions, and abilities workers will need as they reskill and upskill to qualify for tomorrow’s jobs.